Power Utilities

Power utility infrastructures are national resources; therefore, Homeland Security applications must be implemented to protect them. Backhaul Engineering provides a variety of wired and wireless services to our Power Utility customers, including reliable, secure telecommunications and video surveillance solutions.

Backhaul Engineering’s mission-critical design and implementation services secure your network both virtually and physically. Centralizing information from Industrial Control Systems can be challenging at best. Backhaul’s core competency offers our customers turnkey solutions encompassing wireless backhaul for SCADA systems, access control systems for local facilities, video surveillance for security applications, structured cabling for all internal and external communications, indoor wireless LAN, and outdoor WiFi networks.

Power utility companies are often challenged with difficult terrains; increased demand for service, safety, security issues; and meeting government standards. The Backhaul Engineering team will provide the unique solutions our Power Utility customers need to overcome each of these challenges so they can provide the critical services their customers demand.