Microwave RF Design

  • For PTP and PTMP
  • Meets demands of federal, state, and local government
  • Wireless backhaul for first responders
  • Designed for reliability and cost-effectiveness

Tower services

  • LMR (Land Mobile Radio)
  • Microwave
  • Structural: Remediation of existing towers
  • TEP: Tower Engineering Professionals

Public Safety DAS

  • Full package of services for Public Safety RF compliance
  • Signal propagation studies and predictive modeling.
  • Design, installation, and compliance with local Police and Fire


Small Cell Engineering & Installation

  • High capacity cellular data and WiFi Internet
  • Survey, Predictive modeling, and BOM generation
  • Design, Installation, and Integration

OSP Solutions

  • Underground cabling
  • Aerial Cabling
  • Trenching for Conduit placement

FAA Lighting

  • Tower lighting at airports
  • New or existing systems
  • Installation, repair, upgrade, maintenance